The 2010 Negotiation & Leadership Conference
will take place at the Joseph Martin Conference Center, Harvard University from 9am to 6pm on Saturday May 1, 2010. This event is a collaboration between students at various Harvard schools, including the Harvard Division of Continuing Education, the Harvard Kennedy School and the Harvard Law School. We welcome everyone from the Harvard community to attend, as well as anyone else from the community at-large with an interest in our world-class event.

The specific topic of the conference this year is “The Changing Faces Of Leadership: Overcoming Bias In Negotiations”.¬† Its key objective is to explore the impact on negotiation and leadership in the 21st century as more and more leaders emerge who are from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicites, genders, religions, and races.¬† Additionally the program will include discussions on areas where bias in negotiations might be most impacted within the context of this new reality such as identity in negotiations and high-stakes negotiations.

There will be three seperate panels on “Race, Gender, and Religion in Negotiations,” “High Stakes Negotiation,” and “Emerging Leaders | Young Millionaire Negotiators”.

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Event Flier Handout