Gender, Race, & Religion In Negotiations
An exploration of how to navigate the subtleties of identity bias in negotiations using certain leadership, negotiation and conflict resolution skills, and how to become equipped to manage the subtle barriers involved in negotiating one’s way through the myriad of pitfalls or traps, without compromising one’s integrity.

Reta Jo Lewis, the Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of State is responsible for serving the global needs of U.S. intergovernmental officials and the entities they represent.  Ms. Lewis works to build and enhance relationships between state and local officials in the U.S. and their foreign counterparts around the world.  She also promotes effective local governance and local capacity building efforts and serves as a point of entry for the global needs and goals of U.S. state and local officials.  [more...]

ŸHon. Hope Macdonald Lonetree
ŸHon. Hlengiwe Mhikwe
Dr. Preston Williams
ŸDr. Patricia Deyton

High Stakes Negotiations
An exploration of the ways in which bias might play a role in high pressure/high stakes negotiations and how to overcome these potential biases in judgment and decision-making under these conditions.

ŸChris Voss
ŸHon. Edmund Bartlett
ŸScott Solombrino

Emerging Leaders | Young Negotiators
An exploration of the overall negotiation lessons from a young successful entrepreneur’s or business leader’s perspective as well how to overcome any bias that might arise because of age during negotiations.

Gurbaksh Chahal
ŸSteve Marcus
ŸTina Wells

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