Hon. Hope Macdonald Lonetree

Hope MacDonald Lonetree is a graduate of the Harvard Extension School. She is currently serving her second elected term as Councilwoman for the Navajo Nation (2003-2011). As Co-chair of the Western Navajo Women’s Coalition, she organized concerned Navajo families over the early release of criminal offenders and led a group that helped to bring temporary jail facilities to keep dangerous offenders in lock-up. She initiated and moderated a regular televised forum where teens expressed themselves to speak candidly on community, crime, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and education. While serving as chair of the Public Safety Committee, MacDonald Lonetree helped secure millions of dollars of new funding for public safety programs programs for the Navajo Notion and Indian Country. She successfully advocated for Indian Country public safety to be top priority for the White House, U.S. Congress, and various federal agencies, as well as the Navajo Nation. Throughout her career she has presented numerous testimonies before the U.S. Congress on health and public safety that affect Native Americans across the United States. Her efforts helped to secure significant increases in public safety funding within certain federal programs for Indian Country. MacDonald Lonetree has secured $74 million for the Navajo Nation to construct 3 new detention facilities. She has been a member of the U.S. Attorney General Holder’s Tribal Nations Leadership Council, Arizona Governor’s Anti-Meth Task Force, Arizona State Department of Liquor License & Control Advisory Committee. In 2000-2001, she was the National Association of Social Workers’ Arizona Citizen of the Year. She is the First Woman Chair of the Navajo Nation Council’s Public Safety Committee and the 2009 recipient of TohNaneesDizi Boys & Girls Club, “Friend of Youth” Award.