Andre’s professional experience includes work in the venture capital field, where he assisted in negotiating/structuring seed-stage capital for multi-million dollar projects, as well as in strategy consulting for Andersen Consulting, Terrafly (a joint venture between NASA and The National Science Foundation), Dell, Cingular, and AT&T Wireless. Andre also has hands-on public service experience as a teacher/tutor to disadvantaged, inner-city, high-school students in the Miami-Dade public school system, as well as a board consultant to humanitarian organizations in Jamaica dedicated to transforming the impoverished communities of Kingston.

Andre is also the founder of the Negotiation & Leadership Conference at Harvard University, which has had several years of success and high acclaim. Andre’s work led to the development of a number of innovative academic-event programs on negotiations, international relations/diplomacy, and entrepreneurial leadership, resulting in the production of several ground-breaking conferences at Harvard University. These programs have equipped thousands of participants both in the US as well as internationally including Poland, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Jamaica, etc. Andre’s work was featured several times on NBC/WHDH as well as in the Harvard Gazette and the Harvard Crimson newspapers.

Andre is a former Student Government President at Harvard University, representing 15,000 students at the division of continuing education (and is the first black male to be so elected in its history), as well as a former representative for the Harvard Graduate Council, a representative body for the 13 graduate and professional schools across Harvard University. Andre is also the founder of the Harvard Great Debate and has been involved in formal academic debates in theology and philosophy (including with distinguished Harvard faculty members such as Dr. Harvey Cox).

Andre has a BA in Theology from ORU. He also holds both an MBA in Marketing Management and an MSc in Finance from Florida International University, and is currently completing further post-graduate studies in management at Harvard University’s division of continuing education.


This ground-breaking conference was started in 2008 as the first Harvard-wide conference organized by students on the topic of negotiations. Since then the conference continues to take an innovative and practical look at issues that are either under-studied or otherwise that are trends shaping the field of negotiations. By combining discussion on such issues with leading scholars and practitioners from business, law, government and academia, this event provides a platform for those looking to significantly enhance their intellectual foundation and practical skills.

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