We are offering a special opportunity to high school students to attend the Negotiation & Leadership Conference 2012. We have created a new experimental program for high school students, particularly those in the public schools and in the urban community. This program is geared towards exposing the youth not only to the Harvard academic environment so that they can aspire to achieve a great education for themselves but to also expose them to the same tools and techniques that academia and corporate america is using in negotiations and conflict resolution. We would like to offer a select limited number of such students the chance to attend the event for free including lunch and refreshments. The students should have a teacher or administrator from their school or program as their overseer at the event. The selected students should be those who show promise/potential and want to learn more about the subject matter.

This program is intended to motivate the youth to achieve their potential at a young age. If you would like to sign up your students or get more information about the youth outreach program, please contact us as soon as possible at info@negotiationleadership.org.