Want a Free Pass? Join the “Student Leaders Connection Program”

In order to get a free pass through our Student Leader’s Connection program, you would just need to register now for the event and refer at least 3 people to sign up to attend. Once you provide the list of names to us, and we confirm their registration, we would provide you with a 100% refund for your ticket.  This program works best for those who are student leaders where you can easily reach a group; however, if you have a personal network or strong circle of influence that you can reach out to, then that could work as well.  You can share using social media tools such as facebook or twitter or if you prefer we could setup an automated tracking link through eventbrite.com. If you are only able to achieve  part of the goal, then we would offer you a prorated discount refund on your ticket. For example, if you only got 2 people (instead of 3) to sign up then you would receive 60% discount of your ticket price. If you are interested in participating in this program, you should formally let us know by email negotiationleadership@gmail.com as soon as is possible.

Additionally, if you are able to refer at least 10 people, you would not only get a free pass but a VIP pass worth $100-150.  This includes access to the Speakers Luncheon and front row seating for all sessions.  Let us know if you have any questions at negotiationleadership@gmail.com

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