Social & Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations

Spiritual, Intuitive & Moral Intelligence in Negotiations

Emerging Leaders Panel on Negotiations & Leadership

Special Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

Special Exclusive Screening of new film “The Paper Flower”

Social & Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations and Leadership

The intellectual and conceptual framework for understanding social and emotional intelligence in negotiations will be explored. The connection between multiple intelligence theory and negotiation outcomes (including how different intelligence models might best be incorporated into negotiation theory and practice) will also be explored. As a new field of leadership has emerged, recognizing that intellectual intelligence is not sufficient to predict success, and as models for developing social & emotional intelligence are increasingly used in corporate settings, we will look at how to become a smarter negotiator in the 21st century, whether in law, government, business or everyday life.

Spiritual, Intuitive & Moral Intelligence in Negotiations and Leadership

This session will focus on the concepts of spiritual, intuitive and ethical intelligence in negotiations and leadership. We will hear from leaders who are operating in a sector where they have not only utilized spiritual intelligence to advance in their careers but have been thought leaders and instructors on the subject. The integration of spiritual intelligence into business and leadership best practices is proving to be a valuable source of competitive advantage for many leaders and their organizations who are maximizing returns by strategically managing performance in a socially, emotionally and spiritually intelligent way.

Emerging Leaders Panel on Negotiations and Leadership

This session will focus on a practical exploration of the topic from an emerging leaders’ perspective.  We will explore how social, emotional and spiritual intelligence in negotiations helps one achieve success with entrepreneurial insights from a panel of the next generation of young successful emerging leaders. We will take a close look at how leadership and negotiation skills may have helped them achieved success at such an early age. There will also be a review of how social media creates a platform for social, emotional and spiritual intelligence in negotiations (via social media intelligence) as well as how these concepts are applicable or relevant in international contexts.


Special Workshop on Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Practical Training with a Certified Emotional Intelligence Expert

This session will be a practical workshop on emotional intelligence. It will include assessment of your EI and will provide hands-on training in EI by Six Seconds COO, Joshua Freedman. The use of diagnostic tools will be included. Corporations usually pay thousands of dollars for this kind of training.

Special Exclusive Screening of the new film “The Paper flower”

There will be a special exclusive screening of the new international film “The Paper Flower” set in Japan. There will be an opportunity during the later panel to ask questions of the director and producer (Brent Green) including tips on breaking into the film business as well as on ideas regarding combining social responsibility with film-making.