Live Stream

There will be a live-stream distance option that entails real-time viewing of the event including all panels as well as additional features such as:

  • Special short interviews with selected speakers during breaks for the benefit of the live-stream audience
  • Special option to submit questions during panel Q&A
  • Special commentary on event during breaks
  • Other behind-scenes coverage for the event

Be more than a spectator; be part of the action.

With this option, you will be a participant from morning until the book sales at the end in the evening. Whether you are in other states, or in Latin America, Africa, Australia or Antartica, join in on the most anticipated Harvard-wide student-run conference on negotiations at Harvard.

The option will be made available by password protected access. Log-in information will be emailed.

This distance option is intended for students, alumni and community members who reside outside of Boston.

Register online now to be a part of this event! >>

Special update:

For distance students and students at schools outside of Boston, there will be a special discount offered at 25% off of the “live-stream/webcast” ticket price. The discount code is “distancestudent”.  This is to encourage students who are unable to attend in person to still benefit from the exciting program and training that will be offered at this conference. Go to