Dr. Walch’s interests are in the area of political and social-psychological factors in communication and negotiation. She was the editor of the Conflict Resolution Series: Central America – Continuity and Change at UW Press. She has published in Caribbean Affairs, Journal of Language for International Business, The Thunderbird International Business Review, the Journal of Dispute Resolution and in Caribbean Choices, published by Johns Hopkins press.

She is co-author of “Understanding Negotiation” (translated in Chinese), and author of “Feminist Ideas on Cooperation and Self-Interest for IR”, in Partial Truths and the Politics of Community edited by M. Tetreault, University of SC Press. Dr. Walch has also served on the 2006 research team for the Thunderbird Global Mindset Project; Corporate Cultures Project (funded by the Bertlesmann Foundation, 2005); and the 2008 National Academy of Science research team concerning the cultural implications of neuroscience.

Her curriculum development and design for negotiation cases, online courses and distance education forums are utilized in MBA courses and certificate programs throughout the globe. Dr. Walch has received over a dozen teaching awards and specializes in the area of cultural competencies and negotiation planning and strategy applied to the areas of, but not limited to: Consultative sales processes; key account management; management/labor practices; joint venture and partnerships; global virtual marketing and manufacturing teams; family run businesses; and customer relations.

She is certified to consult, design programs, coach, and administer the following assessments tools: The Cultural Orientation Indicator (COI) and Cultural Navigator (trademarked and certified by Training Management Center); The Emotional Competency Indicator (ECI) (trademarked and certified by the Hay Group), ExpertNegotiator (trademarked by Latz Negotiation Institute); Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) (trademarked by Thunderbird School of Global Management).