He has worked with communities in conflict in numerous countries including the US, South Africa, Cyprus, the Balkans and Iraq. He has conducted negotiation and mediation workshops for multi-national corporations as well as UN Agencies including WHO, World Bank, UNCTAD as well as for governments including the US, Canada, and Indonesia. He is a specialist in International Organizations and Cross-Cultural Communications.

Dr. Johnson earned a JD from Western State University, a Masters and PhD in International relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. In addition to teaching and consulting, he has written extensively on community mediation, international peacekeeping and cultural differences in organizations.

He has worked as a negotiation training consultant to Conflict Management Group and Mercy Corps in Cambridge MA and is a Senior Consultant to The Bridgeway Group also in Cambridge MA. Prior to his international work, he was a Deputy District Attorney in Orange County California, an Arbitrator for the State Bar of California and a Judge Pro Tem in the Orange County Superior Court.