He co-developed Six Seconds’ EQ Certification Training which he has delivered on five continents as master-trainer to hundreds professionals seeking practical tools for learning and teaching emotional intelligence. He chairs the International NexusEQ Conferences and has helped launch emotional intelligence programs and companies in over a dozen countries. Freedman is one of a handful of experts in the world with over a decade of full-time experience in this emerging field.

His clients include FedEx, Lockheed Martin, Etihad Airways, the World Bank Group, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Microsoft, all branches of the US armed services, the UN, and numerous organizations around the globe. Freedman is author of At the Heart of Leadership (in English, Chinese, and Italian) and INSIDE CHANGE: Transforming Your Organization with Emotional Intelligence (English and Italian) and over two dozen articles including The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence, The Workplace Issues Report, and A Hope for Change.

He is coauthor of four validated psychometric assessments including the EQ Leadership Report and the Organizational Vital Signs climate index, as well a several books and training programs including the Handle With Care EQ Activity Book, the EQ Learning Journal, two volumes of the Self-Science EQ Curriculum, The EQ Leader training, and The Inside Path to Change (used by the US Navy and Marine Corps). Joshua’s applied research focuses on organizational climate and the factors that enhance individual and team performance. Partnering with leaders, he works to identify key relationship and emotional intelligence factors that limit and enhance success, then helps organizations implement new system so teams excel and talent thrives.